Tilorien Monastery

About Tilorien


In April 2017, the humble beginnings of Tilorien Monastery were formed in the Belgian Ardennes. The Sangha is now living in very basic conditions, in a tree house and a tent in a kind supporter’s garden.

We are now building a monastery with accommodation for the monastics, a meditation room, and eventually facilities for lay visitors.

In the mean time, you can support the Sangha in various ways by donating requisites, offering your time and skills for the building project, by financial contributions, and by sending goodwill (metta)

We hope to be able to open the monastery to the public end of October 2018.


“There’s one born in the Sakyan clan,
The Enlightened One, without an equal,
Conqueror of all, Māra’s subduer,
Who everywhere is undefeated,
Everywhere freed and unattached,
The One with Vision who sees all.

“Attained to the end of all kamma,
Liberated in the extinction of acquisitions,
That Blessed One is my Teacher:
His is the teaching I approve.”

— The bhikkhunī Sīsupacālā SN 5.8