Tilorien Monastery

Building kutis

The main building of Tilorien Monastery is nearing completion, and the monastery has been opened on 28th October 2018. In the main building we have a kitchen and a Dhamma hall, a small office and two guest rooms which are hosting the monastics at the moment.

In order to provide more suitable facilities for monastic practise, and in order to be able to offer accommodation to visitors, our next important project is to built some kutis on our property.

We have plans for a double kuti which have already been approved by the council:

Double kuti—two kutis under one roof

The local building regulations don’t permit two separate small buildings, but this double kuti with a separate entrance for each unit, and a space in between, still allows a reasonable seclusion for the monastics. The outside appearance of the building will be similar to the main building (which can be seen on the right side of the picture). The room between the two kutis could be turned into a bathroom if we wish.

Find here the full 3-dimensional plans.

We are allowed to build one simple wooden hut without a building permission, and all materials for this are already here, and we’ve started building.

You can see pictures of the kuti building project here: