Tilorien Monastery

Donating Food (Dāna)

Buddhist monastics live in material simplicity. Only four requisites were allowed by the Buddha: Robes, almsfood, shelter, and medicine. Of these, only food is something monastics need every day.

Unfortunately, the nuns are currently not in Europe until the new Monastery has been built.
Please do not send any dana until after April 2018.

To support the Sangha, you can:

  1. Come to the monastery and provide a meal
  2. Offer food on our almsround (Every Thursday from 18th May 2017. Alternating between the markets of Vielsalm and Gouvy)
  3. Send a food parcel (see Dāna-List)
  4. Make a financial contribution towards food expenses. Details are on the right of this page.

Tilorien residents practice compassion for all living beings and therefore follow a vegetarian diet.