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The Buddha taught us that everything is impermanent, changing, unreliable. Tilorien Monastrery setup its iSangha after receiving a request from a healthcare worker in Germany meeting the shifting, uncertain circumstances the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to so many of us across the global. Although meeting in person might not be possible for an indefinite period, we are still able to meditate and discuss the Dhamma together with our friends on the path.

Now that many countries are in lockdown or have stringent regulations into place to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, we need connection more than ever. We can take this opportunity to put the Buddha’s teachings into action and help each other to deal with the stress and uncertainty of these times; support each other, especially the vulnerable, with our kind deeds and make time for meditation, listening to Dhamma teachings and joining together with spiritual friends online.

Times like these can be the most valuable for our growth in the Dhamma and cultivation of the factors of the noble eightfold path, and we warmly invite you to join us in the Tilorien iSangha.


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6:00am CEST Meditation and morning puja

Monday & Wednesday evenings

6:00pm CEST Chanting and meditation

Saturday evenings

6:00pm CEST Chanting and guided meditation

Upcoming guest talks & other events

Mon 18 May – Mon 8 June 7:15pm CEST Abiding Beyond Limits – The Brahma Viharas. An Insight Dialogue online course with Ayya Anopama & Juliane Dienemann
(fully booked)
Sat 30 May 9.30am CEST In conversation with Banthe U Agga at iSangha on 30 May: Lessons from the Jungle – The Freedom of a Simple Life
Discussion, meditation and Q&A

You can view past iSangha guest talks on Samita ASBL’s YouTube channel.

Everyone is welcome!

If you are on lockdown retreat, or just want a good start or end of the day, we hope our daily meditation sessions will give you a supportive framework, and likewise that the rest of our programme benefits your practice whether you are just dropping in, or are an iSangha regular.

For those of who would like to follow the morning and evening chanting, our chanting book is available for download. You can just sit and listen to the chantings or participate if you like.

For a link to the iSangha please send a message to Tilorien stating ‘iSangha access’ in the subject heading.

With warm wishes for your well-being and happiness,
Ven. Vimala and Ayya Anopama