Tilorien Monastery


Visiting Tilorien Monastery

Meal ceremony

Tilorien is open for visitors every day from 10am – 1pm for the meal (dana) cermony. If you would like to come and offer dana, you can book a day in our dana calendar. After the meal, there is an opportunity to speak with the monastics about your practise and / or Dhamma-related matters. Please let us know if you are planning to visit at least two days in advance, otherwise we might not be around.

Meditation group sit

On Saturday evenings, we have a meditation group sit at 6pm that is open to the public. If you arrive at 5.30pm, you can have tea and a chat with the monastics. If you plan to attend for the first time, please send us an email beforehand to check for any changes in the schedule.


It is not possible for lay visitors to stay overnight at the monastery. The building is still under construction and we currently do not have any guest rooms.

We warmly welcome people who would like to help with the building work. If you plan to volunteer your skills, you will have to arrange your own accommodation in the village or on the local campground.

All visitors are asked to keep the five precepts while they are in the monastery:
• Not to kill or harm any living beings
• Not to steal
• Not to commit sexual misconduct
• Not to lie or speak in unbeneficial ways
• Not to take alcohol or drugs.

We look forward to seeing you here.