Tilorien Monastery

Wie Sie uns finden

Postal address:

Engreux 49G
6663 Mabompré (Houffalize)

Telefon: +32(0)80-34 14 56
Email: tilorien.office@gmail.com

Closest airports:

Railway station: Gouvy
SNCB : +32(0)2/528.28.28 – www.b-rail.be

Bus stop: Engreux Église
TEC : +32(0)81/25.35.55 – www.infotec.be

If you come by train please try to arrange your travel so that you can catch a bus to the monastery from Gouvy. If you need to be picked up from the train station, please ask beforehand. It is possible that you may have to take a taxi.
From Gouvy to Engreux by bus

Access by road: E25 (A26) motorway, exits 51 (Houffalize), from there via N860, or 52 (Noville), from there via N826; or via the N826 or N860. See map (the monastery is vis-à-vis “Refuge Engreux”).