Tilorien Monastery

The Name “Tilorien”

“Ti” is a Pali word meaning “Three” and referring to the three jewels: The Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha.
“Lorien” is from Wallon, the ancient local language here, and means “crowned with laurels”, thus the most precious, magnificent and awesome thing in the world, most worthy of respect.

For us, Lorien also stands for this magical, mystical spiritual journey. Lorien is a refuge on the Path.
Lorien is ruled by the white witch Galadriel, who, according to Bhante Sujato, is “An icon for bhikkhunis everywhere”. Like Kwan Yin, she is the protector of what is right and just, the embodiment of compassion. She is able to fight Māra directly and come out victorious.

“This bhikkhu shines with sublime beauty,
Having a mind utterly straight.
Detached is he, free from fetters,
Attained to Nibbāna by nonclinging.
He carries about his final body,
Having conquered Māra and his mount.”

SN 21.5