Tilorien Monastery

Donating Food (Dāna)

Buddhist monastics live in material simplicity. Only four requisites were allowed by the Buddha: Robes, almsfood, shelter, and medicine. Of these, only food is something monastics need every day.

To support the Sangha, you can:

  1. Come to the monastery and provide a meal (see details below).
  2. Send a food parcel (see Dāna-List)
  3. Make a financial contribution towards food expenses. Details ​​on the Samita website.

Tilorien residents practice compassion for all living beings and therefore follow a vegetarian diet.

Meal ceremony

We have a daily meal ceremony at the monastery at 11.00am. If you would like to come to the monastery and offer a meal, please contact us.

The schedule for the dana ceremony is as follows:

10-10.30h: arrival and setup of dishes

11.00h: meal ceremony and lunch together

11.30h: kitchen cleanup

12.00h: Have a chat with the monastics about dhamma and your practise (optional)