Tilorien Monastery


Meal ceremony

Tilorien is open for visitors every day from 10am – 1pm for the meal (dana) cermony. If you would like to come and offer dana, you can book a day in our dana calendar. After the meal, there is an opportunity to speak with the monastics about your practise and / or Dhamma-related matters. Please let us know if you are planning to visit at least two days in advance, otherwise we might not be around.


Tilorien Monastery offers lay Buddhists the opportunity to spend some time in a monastic setting. If you come for the first time, you may stay up to one week.

If you don’t want to stay overnight but only wish to come for a day visit please send us a message.

We ask ordained Sangha members to contact us by email first before applying if you would like to stay longer than a week.

All visitors follow the eight precepts as outlined in the orientation notes, and agree to help out with the work (household, cooking, gardening, driving, etc.) of the monastery. We are not a retreat center and don’t offer full retreats for lay Buddhists.

Our monastery focuses on individual Dhamma and meditation practise. Anyone applying for a stay needs to be comfortable to spend large portions of the day in solitude and silence, and should be a self-motivated meditator with a stable practice.

Before applying, please check the availability of space in our calendar. If you do not want to stay at the monastery, you can look for accommodation closeby. Click here for more information.

To the application form

Meditation group sit and other activities

Please see our calendar for all updated activities.

Every Saturday:

Registration not required, just show up!

16.00 Sutta Study Class
17.30 Tea with the monastics
18.00 Dhamma reflection and meditation
19.15 End

Meditation days:

Saturday 6th April and 6th July

A day of meditation and Sutta study.

Registration not required, just show up!

8.00-9.00 Arrival
9.00-11.00 Meditation with instructions
11.00 Lunch (please bring a dish) and cleanup
12.30 Meditation with instructions
16.00 Sutta Study Class
17.30 Tea with the monastics
18.00 Dhamma reflection and meditation
19.15 End

“Follow your Heart” retreat with Ayya Vimala

Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June

For more information and registration, see our retreat page.

Open Day

Sunday 5th May

If you want to come for the lunch dana at 11.00, please bring a dish. Otherwise, you are welcome to come at any time in the afternoon.