Tilorien Monastery

Activities & visiting

Meditation group sit and other activities

Please see our calendar for all updated activities.


6.00 – 7.00 Groupmeditation and chanting

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

18.00 – 19.00 Chanting and group meditation

Every Saturday:

16.00 Dhamma Contemplation Sutta Class in French
17.30 Tea with the monastics
18.00 Guided Meditation (English and French)
19.15 End

Meal ceremony

Tilorien is open for visitors every day from 10am – 1pm for the meal (dana) cermony. If you would like to come and offer dana, you can book a day in our dana calendar. After the meal, there is an opportunity to speak with the monastics about your practise and / or Dhamma-related matters. Please let us know if you are planning to visit at least two days in advance, otherwise we might not be around.

Kathina day 2019